Business – Understanding Your Value and Marketing It – Adding Value to Your Practice

There are a number of ways that you can expand your knowledge, sills and abilities as well as the services which you can offer your clients. Following are five options which you might consider.

1. Certified Substance Abuse Expert (C-SAE) – Any recognized training for assessment and treatment of addictions help the therapist not only to understand issues and appropriate treatment but can also give the therapist an option of expanding their practice to include this work.

2. Certificate in Play Therapy – There are a number of levels that can be completed when learning this area of practice. Of course, those who decide to practice play therapy will need to have an office setting that can accommodate this.

3. Certificate in Hypnosis - Many therapists use clinical hypnosis to help their clients deal with problems that they cannot otherwise remember or to help them relax enough to overcome specific difficulties such as migraines or anxiety.

4. Professional Mediation certification – Mediation differs from therapy in that the goal is to help identify the things which clients can form agreement around. Although there can be resolution of therapeutic issues such as anxiety, the mediator is not focussed on that.

5. Professional Speaking designation - Frequently society is eager to have expert training or motivation from those who have worked as a therapist. Speaking for various organizations can be in the form of workshops or keynote addresses.

The above options are just a very brief look at some of the ways that psychologists can be creative in developing their private practices. Besides offering ethical and competent services, it is important that the professional is able to create an business adventure that is enjoyable.

4 Recession Proof Profitable Booming Online Businesses and How You Can Make Insane Profits

I’m going tell you about the top four online businesses that are very profitable even in a bad economy. The first booming market is informational products they have saw a huge spike since the recession. The reason why is because people want to learn how to do things on there own to save money.

For example people are wanting to learn how to grow there own food. People are now hungry for a good product in that market to help them cut down on the grocery bill. So the smart people find a quality product for that market and deliver it.

The second market would be discount outlets and online auction sites, like eBay. eBay is doing better
than it ever has, because people are looking for a super sweet deals. People are doing a lot of bargain
shopping to cut down on expenditures.

You can cash in with things you no longer use or want. Believe it or not your junk can be someone else treasure. For example if you had some old LP records in the basement they are hot right now for some reason but you can sell them and turn a nice profit. Also if you can get a steady supply of discounted Products you could resale them as well.

The third would be lead generation companies are always hungry for new prospects. Lead generation
is something that has been around for a while but still can equal lots of cash. If you are not familiar with lead generation it’s when you get a commission for recommending someone to a website or service that they sign-up with or buy.

This is always going to be a demand because they want to get there brand out to public. So Instead of spending millions of dollars in advertising they will pay people like me and you to bring them customers.

The fourth would be social membership websites like eharmony. I like to call them residual income
atm’s. People are always going to be looking for that special person, friend, or lover. There are up and coming company’s that will pay a residual income from a person you bring aboard each and every month.

So you can basically get paid for helping people find what they want out of life. You can call yourself
a match maker but get paid for your services. I am giving you this information because i know it impossible for these markets to get over saturated. There are many more other profitable niches as well to find out visit the website below thanks.

Starting Your Own Online Business and Understanding the Odds You Face

All of us on the pageoptimiser panel have been quite busy recently, no thanks to the recent recession giving support and guidance to both established and new businesses that are really struggling to keep their heads above the water.

While an established business has a distinct disadvantage with “High overheads” resulting in cut backs and even facing closures, there is actually no better time than now to start a new business with gaps opening up in the market all over the place and many reduced costs to take advantage of.

So why are so many new starts failing to launch?

With this in mind we have identified these: Ten Points to consider if you don’t want you business to be another “failure to Launch” statistic.

· Your market reach: Do you have the budget and or resources to dent your target market share. Make sure you have realistic goals and the resources to achieve them.

· Difference between conventional marketing and internet marketing: Have you underestimated the scale of competitively within the internet Business sector as compared to High street equivalents.

· The Importance of branding: If you have a unique product make sure you brand it effectively so it stays your unique product.

· Don’t make assumptions: Even if you have a unique product you still have use conventional channels to promote. Do not assume that your competitors will simply stand aside in submission and awe of your products unique identity.

· Get your Demographic to fit your market reach: Reduce the competition by narrowing down demographics targets.

· Action Plan: Make sure you have a structured marketing plan and reporting tools in place before your launch, good timing can sweep away the competition.

· Preparation: Get your platform (your web site) Functional before you launch: Using a pre-launch model with all the infrastructure ready gives you an established base as such from which to launch.

· Be Flexible: Once you launch maintain a flexible approach to deal with issues as they arrive in a proactive manner nothing ever goes as plan and success can often be judged by the manner in which we handle the problems that do arise.

· Be decisive: Push the aspects that are working for you and dismiss you failures promptly while keeping a percentage of your resources for testing new channels.

· Don’t be afraid to ask: Use the resources and expertise that is freely available at the website.